A couple weeks ago, my cousin sent me a link that a hair care product business called CurlMix was looking for natural hair models in Chicago.  With zero experience and even less expectation, I decided to apply.  Consider me surprised when I received an email saying I was selected!  Then consider my reaction when I read it was going to be a 12 hour day that started at 6am (don’t people know I am not alive before 9am).

I have a new appreciation now for what it takes to be a model and coordinating photo shoots. Getting20160820_100032 up at 4:30 is not my style- especially when you were out til 1am the night before- oops!.  I arrived at 6am(ok fine.. 6:09), and Kim Lewis, the CEO and one of the Co-founders of Curl Mix greeted me with a smile and handed me an itinerary for the day.  According to the schedule, my hopes of the 12 hour day being a misprint was not fulfilled.  Tim, Kim’s husband and other Co-founder, was napping on the couch. Apparently the CurlMix employees had even less sleep than I had.

CurlMix is the first DIY subscription box for curly hair. They send you five to seven all natural ingredients to mix your own hair products.  Kim and Tim, also founders of The Natural Hair Academy ( ), the social network for naturals, have been in the natural hair industry for over 5 years. CurlMix was created when Kim thought “it shouldn’t take this much work for someone who simply wants to make natural products”.   Information taken from <>

The passion for growing the business and the partnership between the two really showed throughout the day.  This was their first Bi-annual Content Photo/Video Shoot.  It was the first major photo shoot for the company who will celebrate 1 year in September.  The site location was at the CurlMix headquarters (Not pictured is an amazing bathroom that I have major home envy for).

The entire day was amazing!  Kim and her assistant Alex were very professional and encouraging.  They picked an amazing group of women to model the products.  The 5 other models were regular women like myself who jump at an opportunity to do something new.  One of the great things about the experience was that Kim really allowed us to be ourselves and even let us promote our own blogs, Instagram pages, etc. That really developed the positive and uplifting vibe throughout the shoot.  It was very refreshing to be surrounded by so many smart, talented, beautiful black women supporting each other in their own individual endeavors.  We began as tired strangers but at the end of the day we were all exchanging numbers, social media accounts, and grabbing tacos and margaritas.

I got to use the upcoming October CurlMix box and I really loved the product.  It did a great job of taming my mane(which is NOT a small feat).  I LOVED the smell of it, too.  And I wasn’t the only one.  We were all gushing over the products and the genius concept of the business.

Shooting the video demo

When it comes to businesses I want to support I usually grade 2 things; The employees and the actual product. With CurlMix, they get an A+ on both accounts.  Kim was a wonderful person to work for.  Her professional yet easy going attitude created positive vibes that translate to her business. I typically keep my hair care regime simple and try not to become a product junkie but I liked everything about the business.  This experience provided me with an amazing day, a handful of new friends, and a new business to support.  Check them out at – especially in October to see yours truly :P!

UPDATE 10-11-16

The product is now available for purchase!  You have less than 24 hours to head over to CurlMix’s website and get your subscription!

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