Sicker Than Your Average


That would be an honest assessment of my effort with my health and wellness journey.  This may seem puzzling if you’ve seen some of my Instagram photos and videos.  I was a college athlete, compete in power lifting competitions and run road races(did a little one called the Chicago Marathon 2 years ago… no big deal).  I mean, not to brag, but my average is not half bad!

Or at least it appears that way.  I am starting to admit to myself that I do just enough work to seem impressive but not enough to actually be impressive.

Hard work is…. well…hard.  I anchor myself in the Average Zone because it’s easier.  I am well aware that I’ve created countless goals I’ve never reached.  I am conscious of the  extra 30-40lbs that I never thought I would have.  And to top it off,  just this morning my sweet tooth gobbled up about 5 Hostess donuts at a staff meeting.  DANGIT!  When I go off the rails because of a vacation here or a busy work week there I convince myself “I’m only human” and “my body needed a rest”(insert side eye).

After an extended period of “resting”, I’ll start off all gung-ho, set goals, create deadlines and get all fired up.  Only to go back to maintaining the 80% effort in workouts, OK eating habits, and mediocre attempts of keeping up the schedule only until the next road block.

And this is where the Fitness Realm posts come in.  It will be my accountability source of my health and wellness journey so I don’t continue my vicious cycle.  I’ll post goals, workouts, give an honest assessment to my effort, admit my faults and celebrate my achievements.  I want to break out of the average zone to see what ridiculous things I can achieve if I gave 100%.  I want to scare myself with the possibilities of my greatness.

It took me months to write a post for this portion of my blog.  Today I am finally going to hit “Publish”.  It’s awkward to be open and honest about your fitness journey with the world after it’s taken you years to finally do that with yourself.  I am excited I did and I hope you like it!  Keep me honest people!

My first task: Write a workout schedule (second task: stick to it!)

  • Muscle Mondays – Power Lifting
  • Track Tuesdays – Running
  • Whatever Wednesday – Rest, make up day…meh whatever
  • Tough Thursday – Power Lifting
  • Flex Friday – Power Lifting
  • Stroll Saturday – long walk with the pup or light jog
  • Stretch Sunday – Rest or yoga

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