Upcycle Project – Cabinet turned bench

The kitchen renovation left me with an handful of unused cabinets.  Decided to upcycle one of them


  • Paint – $15
  • Rollers and brushes – already had
  • Table legs – $3/each
  • 1’x24′ of foam – $15
  • Cabinet – already had
  • Upholstery Fabric – $10 for 2 yards

Total Cost: $52
Total Hours: 2 hours

Step 1: Clean cabinet

It’s not unreasonable for kithen cabinets to have some grease stains on them but these had  lot caked on.  This took a majority of the time.  (See step 3 for alternate order of steps)

Step 2: Paint

If you don’t plan on adding a cushion to your cabinet, leave the door on.  If you do plan on adding a cushion, this would be a good time to take it off.


Step 3:  Put the legs on

If I did this again, I may have done this step before painting.  It elevated the cabinet off the floor making it easier to paint-especially the corners.  I used the holes in the back of the cabinet that were meant for screws to mount on the wall.  They are already equally spaced out and in perfect position for the legs.  I added washers to make it more stable.


Step 4: Turn the door into a cushion

This part of fairly quick.  Cut the foam to your door dimensions.  If it’s not perfect, that’s ok.  Minor imperfections will be covered up by the fabric.  (An additional step if you want to hide even more imperfections or add more support is to wrap the foam and door in batting before attaching the fabric). Take your fabric and wrap it around everything like you are wrapping a gift.  When you get it to your desire tightness, staple away.  I ended putting in about 20-30 staples.

Adding fabric and foam to the door

Step 5: Attach door to cabinet and display with dog

Attached the door back to the cabinet.  You will most likely have to puncture the fabric so make sure you have step 4 exactly how you want it before doing this.  And since this is where you are going to store all the dog stuff, put PJ on the finish project and take a picture!

PJ sitting on the completed cabinet bench

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