About me

My name is Stephanie and I am so happy you stopped by!  Some random facts about me… I’m the youngest (i.e. favorite) in a big Haitian family.  While Chicago is home, I was bitten by the travel bug early on and have a deadly case of wanderlust.  I laugh at my own jokes and mishaps all the time and can be annoyingly optimistic.  i love going all out for Halloween.  I am the adoptive mother of the cutest Yorkie/Silkie mix named PJ.  Expect him to make multiple cameos on here.

About the site

The story of this blog began in 2000’s.  I wanted to decorate my room with 3D frames that all cool kids had.   However, the prices at local stores did not match my college student budget.  I thought to myself, it seems a simple design… maybe I could do that.  With no training, instructions to follow, or power tools, my roommate and I stopped by a local hardware store and a couple hours later…VOILA…we had our very own 3D frame. Fast forward years later, my “maybe I can do that” attitude (sometimes coupled with my frugalness) has brought me here.  I finally decided to throw my name in the blog world because I love doing these things and it’s fun to see people reaction when they say “You did that?!?!”

What does Castle Constructed mean?

“One woman’s’ guide to building her Queendom, on project at a time.”  Honestly, I’m a single 30-something female stumbling my way through adulthood.  I’m coming to terms that most adults have no clue what they are doing and are just winging it.  This blog is about me winging it on my own in different aspects of my life.  Castle Constructed will showcase DIY projects as I make my first condo purchase a home.  It will also showcase my health and wellness journey because let’s be honest…my body is my biggest DIY project.  Lastly, I hope to showcase “Friends of the realm” for recommendations of products and services that help females make it on their own.

Thank you for joining me.  I hope you enjoy.